Time Capture

Don't lose a penny of compensation for time that you've spent working for your clients. With Anva's Time Capture feature you can ensure that every minute spent on client work is accounted for. Both parties can feel confident that the billing process is fair and accurate.


Mobile Access

You're on the go and mobile access to your most important client data is a must. Anva has incorporated real-time mobile access into the software so that you can get the information you need where ever you have access to wi-fi. This includes important time keeping and collections features.


Cost Recovery

Ever missed out on critical billing hours because of a glitch with your current timekeeping system or because you simply forgot to track it? Anva's timekeeping feature is built in to ensure that all time is tracked and that any unaccounted time can be recovered so that you are compensated fairly for the work that you provided.


Auto Billing Entry

Already have a schedule slated for working on specific clients? Anva allows you to create an auto billing entry for those very cases. No need to do manual entry or go back to make sure your hours tracked. Auto billing allows you bill the same amount each month on an automated schedule.


Goal Tracking

Meeting your billable hours goals each month is an important part of maintaining a profitable law firm. Anva allows you to create specific daily, weekly and monthly goals and track your progress along the way. Share the data with all of your team members and make needed adjustments to your goals as needed.



Each month you want to see an accurate report of all billable hours by employee. Anva provides accurate reporting that includes this important detail. Now you can see who is putting in the needed time and effort and where improvements need to be made.


Time Sheet Validation

Most law firms are concerned about accuracy when it comes to verifying time spent with on each client. Using Anva's accurate, real-time reporting system, you can validate each employee's time sheets and ensure that hours are being billed accurately.

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