Time and Cost Savings

Generating documents, stuffing envelopes, buying postage and tracking the delivery status of each mailer is time-consuming, expensive and requires a lot of manpower. With AnvaMail, we can handle all of your paper mailing needs and remove the burden from your firm.


Mailing Services

With the click of a button, AnvaMail generates your document and the order is sent to a mailhouse partner who prints, stuffs, stamps and tracks the delivery of your document all the way to the addressee’s home. This process removes the burden from your firm and reduces your liability and error risk.


Bulk Automations

Save countless hours executing repetitive tasks that require the same set of actions. With Anva’s Bulk Automations feature, taking on new clients is a breeze. Users can process hundreds of demand letters with the click of a button, freeing up valuable time and reducing user error. Anva users can also audit bulk automations through a new audit page, send documents through AnvaMail, and access updated client reports and file types from the sidebar.



With every document that is sent, Anva creates a note on the account ledger, passes the cost on to the person recipient, and makes the information available to all Anva users on the account via your Anva dashboard.


Increased Speed

AnvaMail not only removes the hassle of paper mailings from your firm, but it also speeds up the entire mailing process. We even provide you with a postage estimate before any bulk mailing goes out so you can approve the cost and pass it along to the recipients. Let us take the burden of paper mailings off your shoulders, provide you with greater accuracy, the convenience of automation, transparency and increased speed. Add AnvaMail to your platform today.


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