Opinion Letters

Anva helps you to efficiently provide legal opinions to your HOA clients by providing easy access to the governing documents and relevant case law, as well as providing a searchable database of previously drafted opinions.


CC&R Drafting

Anva provides tools to draft all governing documents affecting community associations, including covenants, conditions and restrictions, articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules and design guidelines, including amendments to those documents.


Contract Review

Anva provides you with the tools to make reviewing contracts for your association clients to ensure that favorable terms are established with the management companies, painters, landscapers, architects, engineers, contractors and others.


Contract Negotiation

In addition to contract review, Anva helps you track the negotiation process. Our system automates thoroughness to help identify areas that require additional negotiation so that your clients are on the winning end of every deal.


Developer Turnover

You can create check lists within Anva to help you navigate the process of turning over operations from the developer to the homeowners and associations. Customize your lists to ensure you answer questions regarding turnover include ongoing responsibilities of the developer, if any management, finances, maintenance, meetings, voting rights, and more.


Enforcing Restrictions

Enforcing community covenants is paramount to maintaining a clean and well-maintained place to live and is an important part of an HOA practice. Anva gives you the tools to review an association's process of reviewing, updating and drafting effective enforcement and fine policies with the goal of obtaining voluntary compliance. Use Anva to track the enforcement process from the initial violation all the way through litigation when necessary.

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