Opinion Letters

Anva gives you an efficient way to provide legal opinions to your HOA clients by giving you easy access to the governing documents, relevant case law, and a searchable database of previously drafted opinions.

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CC&R Drafting

Anva provides your firm with the tools to draft community association governing documents including covenants, conditions and restrictions, articles of incorporation, rules and design guidelines, bylaws, and, amendments to those documents.

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Contract Review & Negotiation

Review contracts for your association clients to ensure that favorable terms are established with management companies, painters, landscapers, and other community contractors. In addition to contract review, Anva helps you through the negotiation process.

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Developer Transition

Anva helps your firm navigate the process of transitioning operations from the developer to homeowner control. Create custom tasks to ensure all questions are addressed, including ongoing responsibilities of the developer, management inception, financial stability, maintenance requirements, board meetings, voting, and more.

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