General Counsel

Opinion Letters

Key court decisions at your fingertips to help you formulate your opinions, better know the law and represent your clients.

CC&R Drafting

Automatically draft CC&R documents, ensuring accuracy while limiting liability and saving time.

Contract Review & Negotiation

Review contracts for accuracy by utilizing valuable tools and resources to better position your firm during negotiations.

Developer Transition

Ensure that the transition from developer to homeowners run as smoothly possible.

Case Management

Automated Workflows

Create templates to automate repetitive tasks, bill for time, set appointments, create file notes and generate documents with the click of a buttont


Easily track your firm’s hearings, client meetings, firm-related activities, industry events and more.


View a list of the most urgent tasks, upcoming judgment renewals, and events for the week so you can stay proactive and efficient.

File Close Wizard

Close files seamlessly while helping to ensure that each part of the file is properly reconciled and accounted for.


Provides payment options, automatically creates a note on the account and simplifies case management.

Assessment Recovery


Track individual accounts, payments, collections and enforcement of regulations.

Document Generation

Automatically generate important documentation, saving your team valuable time and limiting liability.

Document Management

Manage the documentation process, tracking and siting the homeowner status every step of the way.

Payment Agreement Calculator

Save time and guarantee accuracy by ensuring homeowner payment balances are accurate.


Make accurate decisions with real-time reporting that can be shared with firms and homeowners.


Automatically generate documents and send certified mailings to homeowners with envelopes and postage.


Check employment status and history, run background checks and verify important information all from the same platform.


Account Manager

Track individual accounts, violations, payments, assessment recovery, and enforcement of regulations to help make decisions accordingly.

Overview Dashboard

Get quick access to tasks, calendar events, and case judgment renewals to give you quick access to everything you need.

Goal Tracking

Create specific daily, weekly and monthly goals and track your goal progress along the way.

Time and Billing

Time Capture

Accurately track the time spent with each client so that you can bill and collect what is owed to the firm.

Mobile Access

Access time keeping information from anywhere with a mobile device.

Cost Recovery

Recover unaccounted data to ensure accurate compensation for your firm.

Ledger Injection Tool

Create an auto-billing entry for specific client accounts.

Goal Tracking

View goal data in real-time to see your team's collection and revenue progress each month.


Generate accurate reporting of your firm’s billable hours each month.


Custom Document Generation Fields

Create your own custom fields when more specificity is required.

Editing and Saving Documents

Generate, edit, and store documents in their original file source with the tap of a button.


Reporting by File or by Client

Keep your clients up to date on assessment recovery progress.

Exporting Data

Export lists of information as a spreadsheet and provide clients with data in an instant.

Reports for Archived Data

View archived files with only a few clicks.

Client Communications

Portal Access for Management Companies

Provide client portal to access case status, review status reports and view pending board decisions.


Pull Data

Pull data at any time from the system at the request of your clients.

Push Data

Upload data at any time from other systems at the request of your clients.

Auto Billing/Collect

Apply the Auto Billing and Assessment Recovery feature to each of your contacts.


Identify discrepancies and resolve them instantly so that your data is accurate from the beginning.


Begin assessment recovery from the outset without lengthy delays to your cash flow and profitability.



Generate and deliver invoices automatically through our electronic system.

Time Sheets

Pull historical data that may be necessary for taxes and other accounting practices.

Back Office Suite

Get the tools to help keep your business on track and financially accurate.

Financial Reporting

Access all of the financial reporting that your accountant will need to ensure compliance and file your taxes accurately each year.

Accountant Access

Provide your accountant access to your data for accurate tax preparation and reduce liability.

Client Payments

Accept different payment types and easily add them to the debtor ledger so that the account balances stay accurate.

Disbursement Checks

Cut checks for any debtor payments that have a planned disbursement and have been deposited in trust.


Set up auto-billing and assessment recovery so that you are never left with unsent bills again.