After your law firm's hours have been tracked, invoicing is necessary for you to get paid. Anva generates and delivers invoices automatically through our electronic system, ensuring that they arrive the same day each month and setting proper expectations with the client.

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Time Sheets

Want to see how many hours an individual logged two years ago for any given client? Anva allows you to pull historical data that may be necessary for taxes and other accounting practices.

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Back Office Suite

Easily manage your firm’s business operations with Anva’s back office suite. Anva is equipped with all of the tools to help keep your business on track and financially accurate.

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Financial Reporting

As part of the Anva Back Office Suite, administrators will have access to all of the financial reporting that your accountant will need to ensure compliance and to file your taxes accurately each year. Accountants love Anva for the amount of time that we save them each year during tax season.

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Accountant Access

Sometimes it's helpful to give your accountant access beyond the superficial data. Anva allows you to provide your accountant with his/her own login and access data needed to file taxes or check on any financial compliance issues. This saves you valuable time and allows your accountant to gather what is needed on their own.

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Client Payments

With Anva your firm can accept different payment types and easily add them into the debtor ledger so that the account balances stay accurate. You can also accept payments via CC and get all the benefits of the integration to post to each file.

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Disbursement Checks

Ensure that all entities associated with a disbursement receive the funds they are entitled to. With Anva you can cut checks for any debtor payments that have a planned disbursement and have been deposited in trust.

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Interest Calculator

Anva’s Interest Calculator allows firm users to efficiently calculate the total interest owed on all ledger charges for a file. Users can customize interest rates by line item as their jurisdiction requires for each client matter, allowing for a seamless calculation of each ledger.

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Tax Features

Create sales taxes, tax groups, and tax overrides, as well as access sales tax reporting. These features provide a streamlined method for managing different tax rates, grouping sales tax items together, and adjusting tax rates based on client location or manually assigned tax rates. In addition to this, Anva now includes IRS reporting for debtor payments, offering a comprehensive breakdown of all debtor payments that match set criteria, further enhancing the platform's accounting capabilities.

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With all the information available for your accountant to review, you may discover unsent or uncollected invoices. With AnvaPay you can set up auto billing and collections so that you are never left with unsent bills again. AnvaPay is available as an extension. Get AnvaPay.

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